Mangrove Ecosystem

Mangrove Ecosystem:

Mangroves or also known as Halophytes are endangered shrubs which grow mostly in coastal saline or brackish water. Having a variety of recognized roles in the areas where they occur the prominent role of mangrove community is the production of leaf litter and detrital matter. They help in reducing surf and protection of shore from storms, hurricane winds, waves and floods, hold soil together and prevent erosion by stabilising sediments help in loss of life and damage to property in areas behind. Mangroves can also maintain water quality by trapping sediments, filtering pollutants, cycling nutrients originating from land.  Organic matter is utilized by the inhabitants of estuaries/lagoons, near-coast waters, and coral reefs. Support as a food source for most the tropical commercial shrimps and many fish species. Accidents, such as excessive siltation, stagnation, oil spills at sea can cause serious damage to Mangrove ecosystem and reduce uptake of oxygen for respiration resulting in rapid mangrove mortality


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